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100000m3/h Exhaust Gas Activated Carbon VOCs Treatment System Environmental Protection Equipments

100000m3/h Exhaust Gas Activated Carbon VOCs Treatment System Environmental Protection Equipments

100000m3/h Exhaust Gas Activated Carbon VOCs Treatment System  Environmental Protection Equipments
100000m3/h Exhaust Gas Activated Carbon VOCs Treatment System  Environmental Protection Equipments
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: BZB
Certification: CE,TUV
Model Number: BZB-IX1
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: USD100000-1500000
Packaging Details: Export Pacakge or Metal Package
Delivery Time: 30-120
Payment Terms: TT or LC
Supply Ability: 2000sets Per Year
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Detailed Product Description
Name: VOC Treatment System Power Supply: 380V/50HZ/3Ph Or Other Option
Heat System: Diesel,gas,steam,electric Or Other Option Motor: Chinese Brand Or Import Brand
Control Sytem: Switch Style Or PLC Touch Screen Control Wall: Metal Sheld,EPS,Rock Wool Of PU For Option
Color: White Or Other Option Application: Different Kind Of Instrial Waste Gas
Energy Sources: Water, Electricity,gas Installation Service: Offer
Body Material: Carbon Steel Or Stainless Steel Adsorbing Material: Activated Carbon
Specification: 10-30m3
High Light:

100000m3/h Gas VOC Treatment System


100000m3/h Activated Carbon VOCs System


TUV Gas VOC Treatment System

Customied Vocs Exhaust Gas Treatment System Environmental Protection Equipments




Environmental protection treatment of atmospheric pollutants


1 Direct catalytic combustion(CO)
2 Biological method
3 Plasma
4 Nitrogen desorption+Condensate recovery
5 Micro foam method
6 UV Photocatalytic oxidation
7 Activated carbon adsorption+Nitrogen desorption+Condensate recovery
8 Zeolite wheel+RCO



Process Description

Baozhongbao series activated carbon adsorption-catalytic combustion integrated waste gas treatment device

uses the thermal energy of catalytic combustion reaction to desorb VOCs adsorbed by activated carbon,

completely solving the problem of wastewater pollution caused by steam desorption. This process is currently

recognized as a mature process for treating large air volume, low and medium concentration organic waste gas.

Process device
This device is mainly composed of exhaust pipe, dry filter, activated carbon adsorption box, electric regulating

valve, catalytic purification device, flame arrester, mixed flow heat exchange device, exhaust fan, electrical

control and other parts.

1.Working principle

First, the organic waste gas is removed through a dry filter to remove some dust particles, and then the organic

waste gas enters an adsorption box for adsorption, and the cleaned gas after adsorption and purification is

discharged into the atmosphere by a main exhaust fan. When the activated carbon is saturated and adsorbed,

it is switched to the desorption-catalytic combustion state through the control valve; the desorption regeneration

system adopts the offline desorption regeneration form, and the deactivated activated carbon tank is prepared

for the next cycle.
2.Technical characteristics

1) The entire system equipment has realized purification and desorption process automation, no secondary

pollution occurs during operation, and equipment investment and operating costs are low;

2) The filter is used to filter small particles in front of the activated carbon adsorption bed, which has high

purification efficiency and ensures the service life of the adsorption device.

3) Using specially shaped honeycomb activated carbon as the adsorption material, because its specific gravity

is 8-10 times that of strip-shaped activated carbon fibers, the adsorption of VOC before regeneration can reach

25% of the total weight of the activated carbon, with long service life and low operating resistance , High

purification efficiency;

4) The equipment has a small footprint and light weight, and the filter material of the adsorption bed adopts a

stacked structure, which is easy to load and easy to replace;

5) The high-quality precious metal palladium and platinum are supported on the honeycomb ceramic as a catalyst,

which has the advantages of small resistance, high activity, long service life, low decomposition temperature,

short desorption preheating time, low energy consumption, and good stability.

6) Make full use of waste heat and save energy. The desorption and desorption of activated carbon in the device

all use hot air as the desorption medium, and no additional energy is needed, and the running cost is greatly reduced.

7) The PLC control system is adopted to automate the equipment operation and operation process, and the

operation process is safe, stable and reliable.

Introduction of catalytic combustion device
Catalytic combustion is a typical gas-solid phase catalytic reaction, and its essence is the deep oxidation involving

active oxygen. During the catalytic combustion process, the catalyst surface has an adsorption effect, so that the

concentration of reactant molecules on the surface increases the reaction rate and accelerates the reaction.

Flameless combustion occurs with the aid of a catalyst, which is oxidatively decomposed into CO2 and H2O,

and simultaneously releases a large amount of thermal energy, thereby achieving the purpose of purification.

The catalytic combustion device is provided with a temperature probe and a supplementary cooling valve. When

the reaction temperature of the catalytic combustion chamber exceeds a set upper limit, the supplementary cooling

valve is opened to supplement the fresh air, and the intake air source is diluted and cooled to protect the equipment

to extend its service life and prevent accidents.

The main structure of the device is composed of the main unit of the purification device, the induced draft fan and

the electrical control elements. The main unit of the purification device is an integrated structure composed of a

heat exchanger, a preheating chamber, a catalytic bed, a flame arrester and an explosion-proof device. The entire

periphery of the furnace body is thermally insulated with a thickness of 100 mm. The surface temperature of the

furnace body is ≤ ambient temperature +30 ºC


This is Customer-made Vocs treament Project base on customer's require.Workshop space.

Produce Capacity.Contact us if you have require.we can design to full fill your require.


100000m3/h Exhaust Gas Activated Carbon VOCs Treatment System  Environmental Protection Equipments 0


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100000m3/h Exhaust Gas Activated Carbon VOCs Treatment System  Environmental Protection Equipments 1
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100000m3/h Exhaust Gas Activated Carbon VOCs Treatment System  Environmental Protection Equipments 2
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